Change the Game

moPOS creates new untapped markets for Banks, Telcoms, Financial Intermediaries, and others.

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Built for Android and iOS

Replace expensive POS devices with your ordinary smart phone.

Small Form Factor

Small and convenient design helps merchants to carry and use the POS device conveniently and in mobile locations

Data Encryption

Credit Card information is encrypted before transmitting it to the server ensuring no data is stored either in the device or in the phone.

Upgrade-able Mobile App

moPOS mobile app is under continuous development to release new features and functionality that assist merchants to provide new services


Not Just Card Payments

With moPOS, you can do more than just card payments.

Settlement & Reco

Daily automatic settlement and paperless reconcillation E-receipts sent to customers via sms and / or email.

Online Transaction Records

Transaction Records available online. Tip / EMI flows enabled as appropriate.*.


  • Save the sale with line busting and mobile checkout.
  • Sell from anywhere inside and outside the store floor, even at pop-up locations and outside events.
  • Securely accept credit and debit cards.
  • Re-configure the store layout to sell even more merchandise and increase sales per square foot.
  • Boost sales and increase revenue by making the checkout process easier, faster and more enjoyable for customers.


All you want from a POS

moPOS is available in various convenient forms. All of these ensure utmost convenience to accept card payments by merchants .

Radio Jack POS

This device can be inserted into the radio jack port of any phone and convert it into a POS.

Bluetooth Device

This device communicates with the phone through the Bluetooth connectivity.

Lightning Port

 This device is exclusively built for Apple devices that use the lightning port to connect to an iPhone or an iPad.


Awesome Features

moPOS app provides all features that are available in traditional POS devices.

Card Transaction

Use this feature to commit a card transaction in 2 steps, allow your customers to enter the PIN and successfuly generate transaction slip.

Void Transaction

Merchants can void any transaction done due to mistake or order cancellation or sales return.

Last Transaction

View the last transaction committed with the POS. Assists merchants to reconcile and start fresh day events.

Day Summary

Get a list of all transactions performed during the day to tally your account books.